Moe’s Home Collection Tura Console Table Review

If you are looking for an extra console table to add a little storage to your space the Home Collection 47 by 14 Inch Tura Console Table, White Lacquer is the perfect addition to supply you with all the room you need. Unlike other console tables it has the perfect modern and sleek design to go anywhere in your home or home office. In white lacquer it can be the perfect accent to any space and highlight all the knick knacks you want to display. A drawer is available to house those things you want to put out of sight, while making the space look exquisite.

The design of the Tura Console Table was made to fit into any space comfortably. It is made just the right size to fit well and not be cumbersome. Place it behind the couch, in the entryway or foyer, or up against the wall, it is the perfect accessory piece to go anywhere you need the additional space to store your things. Although having the upscale look of an expensive piece of furniture it comes at a fraction of the price at just under $450 delivered.

Home Collection 47 by 14-Inch Tura Console Table, White Lacquer

The most classic design it is made from polished stainless steel and a high gloss white top that makes any space look crisp and clean. It has the most modern appeal making it the perfect addition to any office space. The drawer is just the right size to maintain its sleek appearance but has enough room to put the essentials in it. It is made from quality material which helps the drawer slide in and out with ease. Made to fit anywhere the dimensions are 47.5”L by 14”D and 16” tall. It can either be hidden somewhere out of the way or be the focal point of any room. The look of the design makes it reasonable to put anywhere in your home you need just a little additional space, or that is empty now.


Made from the highest quality, it is the best contemporary table on the market with the lowest price tag. With Asian influences it can go in many different rooms and compliment many different styles. Unlike other furniture you don’t have to wait a long time for delivery. When ordering this table it usually ships out same day, or next day. Shipping on it is free as well, meaning that it makes it to your door, usually free of charge. Try that at other furniture stores.


Although having the classic design to look like you spent a fortune the Tura Console Table is anything but. It is a table that adds an upscale look to any space for a fraction of the price of other furniture that you can purchase. With just a little assembly required on your part, you can completely transform any space to make it look modern, sleek and fresh. Coming to you at a price you can afford, it is quite possibly the most versatile console table on the market.


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